Bus Travel Application Form 2021/22

Full-time Further Education Students Only

Please note that travel applications made after 22 August 2021 may be subject to delay and any cost you incur to attend college before issue of the bus pass will not be reimbursed, hence we encourage early application for travel.

This application form is for students that live at least 3 miles from college. To ensure that you quality and before applying, please check that you do live 3 miles from College using the link below.

If you do live 3 miles you will be eligible so you will have to come back to the bus application (which will be open in another window) to complete it. Please then proceed to complete the travel application form.

Bing Maps

Ensure you select the car icon
In the top box enter the College postcode DH1 5ES
In the box below enter your postcode
Click Go

The top box will give you the mileage, if this is greater than 3 mile please proceed to complete online application form for bus travel.

Please also check which bus company operates routes for your address, Go North East or Arriva. This is important as we are only able to issue one pass for one company.

Application Form

All students starting a new qualification or continuing and are under 19 years on 31 August 2021 must complete this application form.

You must complete all sections.